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Keeping Your Mac Well:

Macs, like any machine, are prone to break down eventually. With continuous use, its efficiency can degrade and the machine may start behaving erratically.

This may be a failing physical component such as a logic board, RAM, or an internal fan; or it may just be getting a bit clogged up.

Files may no longer open due to errors in filesystem, search may become slower or irrelevant, apps may start misbehaving and more.

While there isn't much you can do to prevent the actual hardware failing - logic boards, fans, disks - you can minimise both the number and the severity of other problems with a maintenance regime.

This tutorial shows you the maintenance steps to follow to keep a Mac efficient and well maintained. Consider these instructions and think about how they may contribute towards a set of guidelines for your own maintenance regime.

In the first part of the tutorial series, the author will show you how to:

  • Keep apps up to date
  • Remove apps, junk, and unneeded files
Maintaining Your Mac, Part 1

You will need to consider what is junk or 'unneeded' files - that will depend on how you work best, and how you trade off disk space with 'having the program or data just in case'. If you have a lot of spare disk space, having some 'extra' files on the disk is not going to cause any problems.

In the second part of the tutorial series, the author will show you how to:

  • Develop healthy habits while working on the Mac
  • Turn off unneeded login items
Maintaining Your Mac, Part 2

So does any of this look like it may be of use to you - there may be things that you can do to help, and there may be things that you currently do that actually don't help. Have a think about it, and bring some questions along to a meeting to help clarify anything that you are not sure about.

And one last thing - do another backup! - things do go wrong.

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