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iPhone Anniversary:

Later in the year, June 29th actually, the world (well, at least Apple) will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the release of the iPhone (version 1). January 10th, 2007, however, was the date of the iPnone announcement, so Happy Birthday, iPhone.

Although this iPhone model is destined to displayed in multiple museums, it, unfortunately, has not survived the 10 years in the wild (in the USA). Apple released the iPhone in 2007 exclusively on AT&T's network, and AT&T has confirmed that on January 1st, it shut down the last of its 2G phone network, rendering the iPhone useless. According to AT&T, this will provide the spectrum and resources that it needs to expand into the next generation 5G wireless network.

Of course, the original iPhone has been improved upon over the intervening 10 years with far more processing power and new features the 2007 handset couldn't offer, and the access to a future 5G network will provide even more for those of us that depend on this iconic device.

      Steve said: "Here it is"

For those of you that still have an original iPhone, all may not be entirely lost - the phone may no-longer work, but remember Steve said the device was so much more - a widescreen iPod with touch controls, a mobile phone and a breakthrough Internet Communicator. Some of the rest of it may still work - after all, I still use my old cell-phone from 2003 ... as an alarm clock!

iPhone users, and Apple, are not the only beneficiaries of the iPhone experience. In an impoverished region of China is a city of six million people. This is the "birthing rooms" of the iPhone - a factory owned and operated by Foxconn that can produce 500,000 iPhones a day. Locals now refer to the city as “iPhone City”. Read more about Zhengzhou in a recent article in the NYTimes: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/29/technology/apple-iphone-china-foxconn.html

Another anniversary just passed, is that of "Spirit" - the first of the two six-wheeled Mars Rovers. It landed on January 3, 13 years ago, for what I recall was a 6-month mission of exploration. Unfortunately, Spirit became bogged down in soft sand in 2009 and eventually "froze to death". It's companion, "Opportunity" landed 3 weeks after Spirit, and is still chugging away!
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