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Chris’ Challenge:

Just to refresh your memories from last November:

SITUATION: You are sitting at your computer, working away on it & suddenly there is a crash from behind you. You turn towards the sound to find three big burly guys standing in your doorway. They rapidly grab you & tie you to your chair. They turn and leave the room & you hear crashing & banging coming from the other parts of your house. You consider using your computer to summon help, but find that you can only reach your cordless mouse but not your keyboard.

How can you summon help using just a mouse on its own? How many ways can you do it?

Well, we had a great response to this, of exactly none! (Not counting my own that I omitted to submit!) So no chocolate fish winners this month.

In case you are still tied up, and wondering what to do, I came up with:

  • Ask Siri on my Apple Watch to call for help
  • Ask Siri on my iPhone to call for help
  • Use the mouse to open email (or Skype chat, iMessage, etc) and then open the Keyboard Viewer (drop-down from the flag icon on the menu bar), then click away entering a message to summon assistance
  • Use the mouse to get Skype to call someone - the microphone will work even if I don't have my headset on.

I'm sure that there are other possibilities around for when you are really desperate.

<--- Be Careful What You Ask For!

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