2017 01: January

iPhone Anniversary --->


A Happy New Year, and welcome to the first edition of the new look, online version of Applebyte.

We are using WordPress, with a couple of custom plugin extensions to accumulate what are essentially blog posts into each month's magazine. As we have full control of this, we have the flexibility to change the presentation, and immediately enhance (or otherwise) all of our issues ... something that we couldn't do in the past, once the word was committed to paper. (So goodbye to my spelling anomalies once they are brought to my attention.)

Articles are posted individually to the month's Applebyte, so you may be able to start reading the issue before it is complete. This will permit us to publish topics of higher interest early in the month, and still complete the issue before our meeting at the end of the month. So be prepared to keep an eye open, and come back later to see if there is anything else.

Another useful result of this flexibility will be the ability to add feedback, or discussion, to topics if this should become desirable. Others may have other ideas of how we may increase the usefulness of this resource.

This month, there is both good news, and not-so-good news. The not-so-good news is that my file of snippets for potential inclusion has grown to 322 files - the good news is that I will drastically edit this to a much more conservative group of topics, so preparation will be more manageable in the time available.

iPhone Anniversary --->

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