Canterbury Apple Users

Electronic Mailing Lists

The Canterbury Apple Users has two email lists to enable enhanced communications between our users.

This is a public email list that provided user-to-user communictions. It is intended to be used by anyone to seek help on any subject related to using their Apple computer, or the software on it. In many cases, another user will be familiar with the subject and provide the answer, or clue, that is needed.

You can subscribe or unsubscribe your email address, by sending an email to a specific address. The email subject and actual message are not used by these emails. You may subscribe to either get any email messages as they are sent, or to get a digest of email messages periodically.

To subscribe to the "help" list, just send an email to: or

To unsubscribe from the "help" list, just send an email from your email address to: or

You will then receive a confirmation request to which you should just reply.

This mailing list is for the Canterbury Apple User organisers to send notices to all members. Postings will be kept to a minimium to avoid inconvenience to members. If you think that you should receive these messages, please contact the list administrator, below.

Needing help?

Please contact the list administrator