Canterbury Apple Users

Meetings in 2002

January Meeting

        - Welcome to visitors.
        - MacBasic session: Raewyn Saunders will
            present another basic topic
        - Norton's System Works, Norton's Antivirus:
            Applications explained by Ian Orchard
            and Ron Service.
        - Apple's New Products: by Craig Saunders.
        - Questions & Answers
        - Mike's Tip of the Month:

February Meeting

        Annual General Meeting
        Monthly Meeting:
        Guest Speaker: Justine Lee  president of the
              Canterbury Branch of the 
              New Zealand Computer Society.
        Questions & Answers

March Meeting

        7.30pm - Welcome.
        7.40pm - MacBasics: What are F Keys?
        8.00pm - Paul Johnson, 
              General Manager of Apple NZ
        8.30pm - Supper
        8.45pm - Demonstration: Live Overview of Mactropolis
        9.45pm - Wrap-up

April Meeting

        7.30pm - Welcome
        7.40pm - Mac Basics (Raewyn Saunders)
        7.50pm - Mactropolis acting as a Web Server
              (Bart Hanson)
        8.30pm - Supper
        8.45pm -Claris / AppleWorks DTP (Tony Mander)
        9.35pm - Q & A
        9.45pm - Wrap-up

May Meeting

        7.30pm - Welcome
        7.40pm - Announcements
        7.50pm - MacBasics
        8.00pm - Digital Cameras: 
              Guest Speaker (Matthew Nixon of 
              Photo & Video International)
        9.30pm - Q&A session
        9.45pm - Wrap-up

June Meeting

        7.30pm - Welcome
        7.30pm - Announcements
        7.50pm - Guest Speaker Ben Staples from
        7.40pm - MacBasics: What are F Keys?
        8.30pm - Supper
        8.45pm -Bart Hanson will show us a little
              about Graphic Converter.
        9.30pm - Q&A session
        9.45pm - Wrap-up

July Meeting

        7.30pm - Anouncements, Q&A session
        7.40pm - MacBasics
        7.50pm - Members demonstrate their own things.
        8.30pm - Supper (members bring a plate please)
        8.45pm - Raffle Draw
        8.55pm - Short Shareware Demo
        9.05pm - Second Speaker, Ian Orchard.
        9.45pm - Wrap-up

August Meeting

        7.30pm - Announcements/Q&A session
        7.40pm - MacBasics
        7.50pm - Internet and members favourite sites 
        8.30pm - Supper
        8.45pm - Raffle Draw
        8.55pm - Paul Schroeder will download & 
              demo iView
        9.05pm - Internet and members favourite sites
        9.45pm - Wrap-up

September Meeting

        7.30pm  - Meeting Start, Announcements/Q&A session
        7.40pm - MacBasics
7.50pm - Printing a tee shirt with "transfer" paper 8.00pm - Frank Watson demo's MYOB 8.30pm - Supper 8.45pm - Raffle Draw 8.55pm - Shareware download & demo (time permiting) 9.15pm - Craig demo's more of OS X 9.45pm - Wrap-up

October Meeting

        7.30pm  - Meeting Start, Announcements
        7.35pm - MacBasics
        7.45pm -  Guest Speaker - Tim Bell
        8.30pm - Supper
        8.50pm - Notices & Raffle Draw
        9.00pm - Q&A session
        9.15pm - Shareware download & demo
        9.45pm - Wrap-up
                Our Guest Speaker, Tim Bell, is from the Canterbury 
                University's Computer Science Department.

November Meeting

        7.30pm sharp - Meeting Start, MacBasics
        7.40pm - Visit 2 web sites
        7.45pm  - Xmas party (Santa and his helpers will attend)
        8.30pm - Supper
        8.50pm - Raffle Draw
        9.00pm - Notices
        9.00pm - Q&A session (written questions please)
        9.15pm - A look at Jaguar (OS X)
        9.45pm - Wrap-up
                Members, please bring along a plate and a $2.00 gift.

December Meeting

        No meeting in December.