Canterbury Apple Users

Meetings in 2000

January Meeting

        - Pizza, including vegetarian pizzas, 
            will be served.
            Come along early for new year catching up
            before we launch into the AGM proceedings. 
        - AGM
        - MacBasic session
        - OS 9 demo

February Meeting

        - Welcome to attendees
        - DVD iMac and iMovie; speaker: 
              John Osborne (MagnumMac)
        - Supper
        - Questions, answers, and news items
        - MacBasic session: How to install software
        - MacBasic session: Using aliases
        - Internet Basic session: 'email attachments'
              What is an 'email attachment' and where are
              your attachments stored?
        - Opening and sending attachments
        - Using Stuffit Expander

March Meeting

        - Welcome to attendees
        - MacBasic session: the apple menu
        - Internet Basic session: Basic email, netiquette
        - Search Engines on the Web  (Graham Penwell)
        - Question and Answer Time
        - Games (Carol Kendal)
        - Games (Raewyn Saunders)
        - Supper
- News Groups (Ron Service) - Favourite sites and Book marks (Craig Saunders)

April Meeting

        - Welcome
        - Mind Your Own Business (MYOB) (Frank Watson)
        - MacBasic session: Disk First Aid
        - MacBasic session: Rebuilding your Desktop
        - Supper
        - Adobe Premiere  (John Osborne)
        - Editing Quicktime  (Craig Saunders)
        - Wrap-up

May Meeting

        - Welcome
        - Mac Basics: the terminology we use
        - On-line bidding at Web Auctions (Ron Service)
        - Supper
        - Q & A
        - Internet Explorer 5: (Craig Saunders)
        - Quicken: (Nigel Cooper)

July Meeting

        - Welcome
        - MacBasics: Graphic Converter
        - iCab Internet Browser: (Douglas Smithers)
        - Painter Pro (Tim Tripp)
        - Wrap-up

August Meeting

        - Special General Meeting:
              Two Management Recommendations
        - General Meeting:
        - Welcome
        - MacBasic session: Drag and Drop of text 
              in Appleworks
        - Questions & Answers
        - the Public Library's computer set up, and 
              various services either online or at each outlet:
              (John Truesdale, 
              Information Technology Services Manager, 
              CCC Libraries)
        - Wrap-up

September Meeting
        - Welcome
        - MacBasics
        - Mike's Tip of the Month
        - Filtering Incoming eMail: (Ian Orchard)
        - ReUnion, version 7 (Eddie McCoy, 
              Vice Chairman of the New Zealand
              Family History Society Incorporated)
        - Wrap-up

October Meeting

        - Welcome
        - MacBasics: Arranging folder contents
        - Mike's Tip of the Month
        - An Introduction to Cookies: (Peter Fitchett)
        - Questions & Answers
        - Macintosh Computers in modern day business
              (Chris White,
              IT Manager from Cookie Time)
        - Wrap-up

November Meeting

        Special start time - 6:30pm
        - Light meal - bring a plate.
        - MacBasics
        - Mac Os X (Craig Saunders) 
        - Latest Digital Cameras 
              (Chris Chuah from Infovision)
        - Santa Claus will visit our meeting
        - Member's Awards

December Meeting

        No meeting in December.